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"Cost Genie Basic", Menu Costing Software THAT CAN LOWER YOUR FOOD AND BAR COSTS.

Cost Genie - Restaurant Costing Software
Cost Genie BasicTM is software designed to give you control of your kitchen & bar...
  • Manage your Food & Bar Inventory
  • Cost out your Recipes & Menu Items
  • Instantly Provide Nutritional Information for Ingredients, Recipes & Menu Items
Special Offer: Just $149.95 -- a $50 savings!

See below for full details...

Cost Genie Basic Module Features

Inventory Module includes...

    a. Inventory worksheets for taking inventory
    b. Pre-loaded USDA database for Nutrition Facts
    c. Pre-loaded USDA Yield Data
    d. Calculator for "Center of the Plate Cost"
    e. Allows you to import a picture of the ingredient as well as the web site of the manufacturer
    f. Allows you to save Item Specifications
    g. Many other features

Recipe Module includes...

    a. Recipe creation and management
    b. Recipe Costing
    c. Categorized recipes
    d. Ability to print Recipe cards
    e. Creation and re-use of sub recipes
    f. Nutritional Facts labels for the recipe
    g. Full metric/imperial/institutional measures and conversions
    h. Allows you to import a picture of the recipe item
    i. Many other features

Menu Item Module includes...

    a. Menu creation with descriptions
    b. Menu Costing
    c. Ability to print Menus
    d. Categorized Menus
    e. Unlimited Menus
    f. Nutritional Facts for each Menu Item
    g. Ability to print a Menu Item card
    h. Many other features

Of all the critical business challenges restaurant operators face, determining menu price can be the trickiest. Deciding on when to increase prices and to what extent can be an agonizing task for both the new and experienced restaurateur alike. Price too low, and the error is deducted right off your bottom line. Price too high and you may lose the sale completely. We provide the tools to help you make these decisions.

Cost Genie BasicTM helps to increase your profits by giving you control of your food costs. It enables you to standardize your recipes and gives you the tools to create and cost out your menu accurately. It can reduce the time to take inventory by 25 to 50%, with accuracy so you are not running out of items or over ordering.

Cost Genie BasicTM is built to help you effectively manage your "back of the house" functions. If you plan to run specials, Cost Genie BasicTM can pre cost them before you put them on your menu. When you are aware of your true food cost, your servers can suggest the menu items that have the highest profit margins. Cost Genie BasicTM enables you to print a recipe book with both prep and line recipes, including a photo of each plate. This is invaluable in maintaining consistency on all your menu items. Consistent quality and appearance promote return business.

We know you'll find Cost Genie BasicTM...

  • Easy to learn. Set up and start using the same day.
  • Easy to maintain. Recipe and Menu Item pricing update automatically.
  • Invaluable in helping to lower your food and bar cost.

About Us
R & I Solutions is an innovative company, combining over 30 years of food service management expertise, with the latest computer application development techniques to help you accurately cost out your menus and manage your food cost. Unlike most software vendors, we understand restaurant people because we are restaurant people. We are excited to offer user-friendly software packages that will fit your restaurant needs.

Purchase Cost Genie BasicTM at this Special Offer Price:
To purchase Cost Genie BasicTM at just $149.95 (a $50 savings) or for more information please contact: Kenny Arone Toll Free: 877-964-1199 or

We look forward to hearing from you.

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