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BigHoller is an online food ordering solution serving both large-scale restaurant chains and smaller, single location restaurants.

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Restaurant Report readers & members

Save $50 on your account setup!
Account setup just $100 -- normally $150
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Update Your Site And Menus Anytime
Update your daily specials. Add items. Or revise your website - anytime. You'll have the tools you need at no charge. If you prefer, send in the information and the changes can be made for you for a small charge.

Unlimited Menus
No matter how many restaurant or catering menus you have, you can post them.

Customize Your Billing Plan
BigHoller offers customized annual, monthly or transactional billing programs to best fit your company needs.

Already Have A Website?
No problem. Just use the Ordering Engine option and integrate it into your existing website.

Don't Have A Webpage?
A custom landing page can be created and hosted for you at no charge.

Safe, Secure & Reliable
BigHoller is PCI Compliant with a proven track record in its clients and their customer identity and security.

In addition to your own website, you can have as many email addresses as you like with the same URL.

Automated Customer Loyalty Programs
Automatically reward customers for their continued patronage.

Administrative Tools
BigHoller gives you complete access to your customer's order history and contact information.

Core Package Features

    big holler - iphone compatible
  • Professional Look
  • Intuitive Menu Design
  • Orders Are Easy to Read
  • Dynamic Menu Item Modifiers
  • Dynamic Pizza Visualizer
  • iPhone Compatible Menu
  • Able to Accommodate Sub Orders
  • Able to Accommodate Wing Orders
  • Able to Accommodate Burrito Orders
  • Able to integrate into existing Web site
  • Multiple Upsell Points During Sell
  • Ordering looks customized for each client
  • Couponing capabilities available

Additional Features

  • Able to Integrate into Most POS systems
  • Can Handle Multiple Locations
  • Foolproof Controls/Interface for Clients Price Changes
  • Party Room Reservation Available Off Menu
  • Personalized Statistics Dashboard Listing Store Performance
  • Separate Catering Menuing Available for Each Location
  • Gift Card Capability
  • Email Marketing Packages
  • Call Center Capabilities
  • Ordering Available in 6 Different Languages

Why Online Ordering

Save Time & Labor Costs
With BigHoller Online Ordering, you'll save time! Customer orders are sent directly to your store through a kitchen prep printer, fax, or even your POS system. This saves you money in labor costs because your team won't spend time taking customer orders by phone, which means better service in your store.

Increase Revenue with Bigger Ticket Sizes
On average, customers order about 20% more when they order online.

Add Even More Revenue
Generate new business that you are currently misssing out on.

Create an Email Address Database for Marketing
Email marketing is virtually FREE. You can do it yourself! With online ordering, you can easily build your email database by collecting email addresses from customers who order through the system. Great for marketing new items and special deals to.

Better Customer Convenience
Customers can order at their pace, at their convenience, with online ordering. None of the fast-paced pressure during a rush. No more waiting twenty minutes in the lobby for a table.

Future Order Convenience
If a patron wants to plan a big event this coming weekend, or if the office down the street has a conference meeting next week, they can place an online order in advance. The National Restaurant Association recently reported that - "takeout and delivery will capture a greater proportion of total industry sales as restaurants fulfill consumers' ever-increasing need for convenience."

Get Started...

Call 1-888-BigHoller (888-244-4655) or visit Use referral code "RRHOLLER" to save $50 on your account setup!

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