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Contributors to Restaurant Report

Michael Attias Michael Attias operates a restaurant in Nashville, TN, and helps restaurant owners add or expand a catering profit center through his company The Results Group. Michael can be found online at

Articles by Michael Attias

More On Michael Attias...

Working his way through college as a server in the original Corky's Bar-B-Q in Memphis, Tennessee over fourteen years ago, Michael Attias had the vision to see the potential of great West Tennessee barbecue outside his native town. With no prior management experience, Michael convinced an investor to put up over $1,000,000 to build one of the first Corky's franchises.

Michael was fed up with cute ad reps that couldn't deliver customers and immersed himself in the study of direct marketing - the only marketing accountable to your bottom line. Because of the success he has enjoyed adapting and adopting these principles to restaurant marketing, he now has a close to $3,000,000 a year business with an annual return on investment of over 25% to an absentee owner.

As a result of these trials and tribulations, Michael has been asked to share his restaurant marketing and catering successes and failures with audiences and companies nationwide.

Michael created The Results Group and The Catering Magic system to help independents operate more profitable restaurants, start working "ON" their businesses, not "IN" them and start enjoying their life.

New Contributors are always welcome. If you have expertise to share with our audience write in to us and let us know.

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