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Running Your Business:
Catering Odds: Good, Better, Best
By Michael Attias

If you've ever been to Vegas, you quickly realize the massive, elaborate and impressive assortment of casinos were financed because the odds favor the house.

When a potential catering client calls you to book a self-service drop off catering or a full service event make sure the odds are stacked in your favor to maximize your check average while ensuring your guests feel they are getting the best possible option.

Years ago we offered one self-service and one full service catering option - a meat, two sides and bread. Paying attention to how people outside the restaurant industry promote themselves, I decided to adopt Sears, "Good, Better, Best" strategy to my catering offerings.

We instituted a "Basic, Deluxe & Super Deluxe" package with prices almost double the Basic for the Super Deluxe option. The difference had to do with the number of meats that came with the chosen package. You can create multiple options by adding on extra meats, pastas, sides or desserts.

Let's examine the odds and psychology behind this strategy. The Basic package appeals to about 50% of clients because of price or the fact there primary concern is to provide a meal. About 40% will opt for the Deluxe because of the same reason you choose the medium at a fast food restaurant. Your not sure of what to order and medium is a safe bet.

Finally, 10% will order your Super Deluxe package because of ego. They always want the biggest and best and are out to impress guests or clients.

Keep the catering odds in mind to get the most profit out of each catering order.

Michael Attias Michael Attias operates a restaurant in Nashville, TN, and helps restaurant owners add or expand a catering profit center through his company The Results Group. You can download his FREE Report: Tapping Into Your Hidden Catering Profit$ at

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