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Question and Answer Advice, Tips, and Insights From Folks Who Have Been There Before...

I work in a privately owned restaurant chain (3 units at the moment with a fourth to come in a month or so). The unit that I work at is a large restaurant with a gaming and redemption area , pool hall, banquet facility, bar.

We are at the moment considering changing from our current system of server tip outs to a tip sharing program in which we will take a percentage of our servers tips and share them with the 3 departments of our staff that are in direct contact with the restaurant facility, instead of our current system of servers tipping out each of these departments with our own set minimums.

I would like to know if any of your readers have experienced changing from our current system to a tip sharing environment. I have heard pros and cons about the system. My concerns retaining current employees and being able to attract new employees on this system.

I also have concerns about whether or not it helps improve teamwork and guest service.

If anyone has information concerning tip sharing pros or cons, I would really like to know.

Thanks in advance,


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