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Glossary of Bourbon Terms

Bourbon Bottles Blended Whiskey: A blend of which at least 20% is 100 proof straight whiskey. The rest of the blend may include other whiskey and/or grain neutral spirits. A small amount of sherry may also be added.

Bonded Bourbon Whiskey: Bourbon whiskey that has been aged and bottled according to the requirements of the Bottled and Bond Act of 1897. It is Straight Bourbon Whiskey, made at one time and in one location, that has been aged in government-supervised warehouses for at least 4 years, than bottled at 100 proof.

Bourbon Whiskey: Made in the United States from a fermented mash containing at least 51% corn. It must be produced at no more than 160 proof, stored in new charred oak barrels at no more than 125 degrees, and bottled at no less than 80 proof.

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