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"...86 the Cappuccino,..
..the *!*!ing Machine is Broken Again!"

by John Bowerman-Davies

Coffee Cup How often have you heard that shout in your restaurant? But is the machine really broken? Or is it out of adjustment, and if so, who is responsible for adjusting (or mis-adjusting) it, (or more likely the grinder)? Or could it be a simple lack of training and knowledge on the part of the waitstaff?

The staff you hired when you first opened, or when you bought the machine may have left, and now it's very possible that none of your people understand how to operate the equipment.

Simple re-training would allow all your people to know how to operate the machine, recalibrate when and if necessary, carry out basic maintenance and cleaning, and when to call for service.

And WOW! After a short re-training session, the machine is "working", everyone's happy while selling and making cappuccinos faster than a barister at 8:00AM in Rome's main railway station.

The way we suggest your staff should be trained is in the basics - explain what espresso is (no, not the latest Ferrarri); where coffee comes from (not those loose beans in the supermarket); how to brew it, and how to sell it! And how to invent cappuccino cocktails and upsell your desserts.

Coffee Cup Selling espresso and cappuccino will not only increase your bottom line, but it will increase those check averages, and the staff will take home more money. It's fair to suggest that very few of us are doing this for charitable purposes.

Unless your restaurant specializes in tableside cooking, espresso and cappuccino will be the only item that your waitstaff actually prepares for your customers. Therefore correct training becomes of paramount importance especially when you consider that it will probably be the last item your client consumes before leaving your establishment.

It's just too easy to go from "@#**#@# the cappuccino" to "...would you prefer espresso or cappuccino? Our cappuccino is prepared with skim milk, and decaf is available. We also have some special cappuccino cocktails..." All that's needed is a little training. It will help keep your cash flow positive, and your customers and staff, very happy!

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