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Running Your Business:
Wild Willy's: A Primer for Restaurant Success
By John Hendrie

It starts at your door with a warm Smile and Welcome!

By name and location, Wild Willy's is an anomaly. Situated on Route 1 in York, Maine, this dining emporium welcomes travelers on the first leg of the coastal connector to further charming seaside communities; it nestles up to the likes of Lobster Shantys, Whale Watchers, Art Galleries, Antiques and their Maine ilk. What is this Wild Willy's? A frontier redux, a saloon, a C&W dance hall, and what is it doing in York, or for that matter, Portland, Rochester, NH or Watertown, MA? Let me share my discovery: it is flourishing, cash registers singing, patrons loving the experience, and the owner brimming with glee!

Meet Jim Williams, restaurant entrepreneur extraordinaire.

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