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Running Your Business:
Surprise and Delight
By Richard K. Hendrie

    "It's a lot harder to get your message across, so the more impactful you can make the consumer interface with the brand, the better. We call it active communication as opposed to passive communication through traditional marketing methods like TV commercials and print ads"
        - Paula Balzer of MKTG Partners as quoted in Stuart Elliott's New York Times Advertising column, 8/5/04

In the world of human being's, "creative interface" refers to the way in which we relate to one another. We long for connection with each other, yet the business world offers "anonymous transaction modes". No one knows our name. No one gives a hoot about how we're feeling. We're a dime a dozen. It's what makes couponing so pernicious. Every Sunday in most newspapers, millions of pieces of coupons are stuck, most of which say, "I'm not worth my regular, retail price." These "$5 off" or "Buy one, get one" little bits of addictive junk marketing go out to millions of faceless consumers who come in at inconvenient times and won't come back unless you buy their patronage again.

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