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Glossary Of Popular
Beer Terms

Acidic: A predominance of sourness.

Ale: An alcoholic beverage brewed from malt and hops. It's usually stronger and, because of the hops, more bitter than beer. The color can vary from light to dark amber.

Aroma: Fragrance that derives from the ingredients. It may be flowery, sweet or spicy.

Astringent: Either Harsh or severe.

Balance: Harmony of a variety of flavors and aromas.

Beer: A low alcohol (usually a maximum of 5 percent alcohol by weight) beverage brewed from malted barley mixed with cultured yeast for fermentation and flavored with hops. There are many varieties of beer including Ale, Stout, Porter and America's favorite, Lager. Beer adds character and flavor to many foods from bread to stew.

Bitter: Sharp or tangy flavor produced by the hops. Without a bitter taste, beer has no zest.

Bock: A malty dark lager often served to take the chill off. There are single and double bocks. Bock is a German term meaning strong beer.

Bouquet: Portion of odor caused by fermentation.

Bright: To describe a beer's appearance (clarity) or taste.

Brown Ale: Ranges from dry to sweet in maltiness, often with nutty accents.

Carbon Dioxide: What the bubbles in your beer are made of, and occurs naturally as a byproduct of fermentation.

Creamy: The "mouth feel" of beer that is infused with bubbles of natural carbonation.

Dank: Slightly moldy or damp smell.

Dry: Not sweet.

Finish: The palate sensation occurring just before and during swallowing.

Metallic: Indicative of over-aged beer.

Nose: The total sensation of aroma and bouquet.

Skunky: Literally smelling like a skunk, a defect caused by photosynthesis (usually in clear or green bottles).

Tangy: Strong or penetrating.

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