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Accountant's Corner
Does Leasing a Vehicle Make "Cents"?
By Ronald L. Noll, MS, CPA

Ron Noll Previously, Restaurant Report ran an article offering tips on leasing equipment, such as espresso machines, for restaurants. Vehicles, such as automobiles, trucks and vans are another type of "equipment" that deserve attention. You and your employees are likely to be using a vehicle of some sort on a daily basis, whether for pick-up and delivery of food items, shopping for plastic and paper goods at a local warehouse club, meeting with clients for catering, or appointments with your banker or accountant.

Whatever the purpose, you need a vehicle that is reliable and sends the right message about your business. One way to drive a bigger, better and more impressive vehicle is to lease it, rather than buy it. In some cases -- but not all -- leasing offers a number of advantages over buying

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