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The Great Debates Cell Phone
Usage in

Reader Feedback:

In regard to Mr. Bradley's comment regarding cellular phones -- something to think about. If a restaurant's primary concern is the increased use of cell phones on its premises, I shudder to think what might fall by the wayside: excellent service, delicious and properly-prepared meals? Please, Mr. Bradley, let's be realistic. There will always be impolite people encountered in any situation, with or without cell phones. To echo Mr. Shaw's comments, if a person disrupts the dining pleasure of others, by all means, that person should be spoken to by restaurant management. Otherwise, let the person conduct their personal business and allow yourself to enjoy a great meal.


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I will have to agree with Mr. Shaw on this hot topic. I do not own a cellular phone, but I am certainly not bothered by their use in restaurants. I cannot understand the difference between someone speaking to another person at their table, or conducting a conversation on a cellular phone. Is this an issue that really disturbs and bothers people, or has a large production been made of it just for the sake of complaining? I would tend to side with the latter. To all of the people complaining, I would ask, just exactly how are you be bothered by someone at another table holding a conversation on his or her telephone?

Any answer will suffice, unfortunately, I fear that no concrete answer exists. Go out for dinner, enjoy your company and your meal, and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. You just might find yourself having a better time!

Evan G. Spiegler Club 26

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I own a small family restaurant in Stevensville, Montana. We don't mind at all if people use cell phones -- they are in our restaurant eating, that's what's important.

Of course we don't have a fancy, up-scale place, none of the other customers seem bothered by cell phone use, so why should we? Steven Shaw said it all: business people, and others, now have the freedom to go out to restaurants any time they want, and don't have to worry about sitting around waiting for a call.

Marie Watts -

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When I owned The Iron Horse Restaurant on San Francisco's famed Maiden Lane Al Davis who owns The Oakland Raiders used to have a phone on his table.

Of course he dialed anywhere in the world on my tab, but it made him feel important.

Cell phones are OK in their place. People should have a right to use them -- but with discretion. I'd be against banning them.

John Kukulica
Food and Beverage Director
Airport Plaza Hotel & Conference Center -- Reno, NV

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The only difference between a cell phone conversation and a person to person conversation in a restaurant is with the cell phone user you only hear half the conversation. When I dine out I don't pay attention to other diners whether they're having a conversation with their dinner companions or on a cell phone. Of course you have some people who are loud no matter what. Mutter under your breath about some people's rudeness and get on with your life.


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