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Written for restaurant owners, chefs, management and staff, the "RR E-newsletter" promise is that we'll deliver must check out content that makes a difference for your restaurant. Period.

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- Handling Last Minute Guests
- Lowering Staff Turnover
- Lying About Reservations
- and more...

What Newsletter Readers Say...

"I have enjoyed reading the RR E-Newsletter for years. The articles provide great content for our managers and staff. We post many of the RR articles on our "Reading Board" for the staff."

Jessica Edwards
Director of Marketing & Sales
Ponti Seafood Grill, Seattle, WA


"As a small neighborhood establishment, in a strip mall, it is hard to find answers that are about me (my small but mighty Bistro). Each time I read RR, I find that much of it is about subjects that effect me, the small guy, not Big Chain problems. I have e-mailed my views and immediately get a response, or see it in the next issue. I am impressed that somehow we seem to be on the same level, and have the same concerns."

Al Schwartz


"I learn more from your e-newsletter than any other publication I receive. Last year I expanded my restaurant from lunch only to lunch and dinner. Hearing what other people have done in similar situations makes me know that I am not alone!"

Fran Ginn


"Just want to thank you for an excellent publication. I send it to everyone I know in the business. I look forward to receiving it each week. I will soon be a restaurant owner and I can't tell you how invaluable your newsletter has been. Keep up the good work. Thanks,"

Jason Newsom
Big Daddy's Grill at River Park Marina


"Once again, kudos to this newsletter, its a wonderful forum for intelligent industry discussion and problem sharing."

Scott McKenzie


"I always look forward to receiving the RR newsletter. Without fail it contains pertinent information to running the day to day operations of the restaurant."



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