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e d i t o r i a l
Count Or Grind The Beans? The Hearty Aroma Of Hospitality At Risk
- By John Hendrie

John says that restaurants have become slanted way too far on the financial side of the hospitality ledger, and that their ability to be flexible and creative has become stymied dramatically. He also says that this MUST change. Are restaurants indeed out of whack?
m o r e    e d i t o r i a l    c o l u m n s . . .

c h e f    i n t e r v i e w
Tommy Klauber Interview: Tommy Klauber, Chef/Owner Pattigeorges

Classically trained chef/owner Tommy Klauber is proof positive that great chefs can find peace, happiness and success anywhere and everywhere in America - big city or otherwise. We talk with Klauber about this and other aspects of being an independent restaurant.
m o r e    c h e f    i n t e r v i e w s . . .

b u s i n e s s:   s e r v i c e
The Hospitality Mentality
- By Karen Monath

How do you foster a hospitality mentality in your restaurant? Do your employees think hospitality? Think service? Do you? Karen shares some recent dining stories to help you get ahead in winning the battle to provide great hospitality and service.
m o r e    s e r v i c e . . .

b u s i n e s s:   m a r k e t i n g
Top 10 Web Site Mistakes That Restaurants Make - By Jaime Oikle
An effective Internet program should be a key element of a restaurant's marketing budget and strategy. A strong Internet program can boost sales while helping to lower promotional costs. Jaime points out 10 common mistakes that restaurants must avoid if they are to achieve maximum success from their Internet efforts.
m o r e    m a r k e t i n g . . .

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