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Newsletter Links Archive
We've compliled some of the many website links and reviews from our e-mail newsletter all in one place for your browsing pleasure. (Some links may be old and outdated or new information may have replaced it. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.)

Cocktail Magazine -
An out of date, no longer updated site, but worth a look anyway. Some nice feature stories and some great drink recipes for your next get-together.

Gourmet Connections Magazine -
This site passes the web site "visitability" test with flying colors. Why? Because of content. Lots and lots of content. Great 5 star award section - points to some of the best food sites on the net - And a nice section on kitchen tips and healthful hints -

The Internet Epicurean Chef's Forum -
"A lively cooks bulletin board." - Unlike a lot of forums on the web, this one has quite a bit of activity and useful conversation.

The Internet Epicurean Recipe Exchange
Interact with other cooks, and find specific recipes, or recipes using special ingredients. There are over 2,500 contributed recipes on file.

"Kitchenette is a monthly online magazine featuring a behind the scenes look at the San Francisco Bay Area's most important or emerging chefs. Kitchenette provides the restaurant junkie with the local scoop on technique, trend and tips" A very hip looking, well done web site, be sure to check it out.

Star Chefs -
Great looking web site (almost too great - takes a while to download, but worth the wait) Chef profiles, recipes, a chef's help wanted section, a good bulletin board system with a fair amount of activity and more...

Food for Thought - Recipe & Cooking Links
A great starting page (or at least a bookmark) for serious food lovers - from the Food for Thought Page you can link to virtually all the major Food and Recipe sites on the Net. Links are categorized nicely for easy access.

Omaha Steaks
You know the name - go visit the site! They've done an excellent job presenting their info on the web. They Offer secure on-line ordering. Also have a mailing list you can sign up for, an easy way to request a print catalog, and a monthly Sweepstakes Contest.

Ale Street News
This is the on-line version of Ale Street News. Their web site is beautifully crafted, easy to navigate and loaded with content. 50+ stories on a wide range of brew topics are available, along with beer festival & event information and more.

Roadside Magazine
Fans of the good old American diner will enjoy this e-zine site.

Clicks of the Week
Here's a good place to start the next time you want to just browse some interesting food sites.

Nightclub & Bar Hospitality On-line
If your restaurant includes either a nightclub or bar, this e-zine is a good place to pick up tips on the latest developments and news to help you compete and stay fresh. Specifically you might want to look at some of their promo tips.

Hospitality Links courtesy of Eldred Training & Development
Sites are listed by subject, with description

The Culinary Connection
Features include: 800+ hospitality links, a helpful listing of food related usenet newsgroups, listing and descriptions of 20+ food mailing lists/newsletters - although we're not yet included ;-) You'll also love their comprehensive glossary/dictionary. An overall great resource.

On The Rail
On the Rail is a website delivering "News for Food Professionals"

Restaurants and Institutions Archive Page
Yes they cover fast food (among other things) - but don't worry because you're sure to find a few stories of interest here.

Cameron's Tips of the Month
A guide to "proven marketing programs that have already made money for operators elsewhere around the world!"

The Chef's Store
"restaurant quality chefware for the professional chef and home cook" A word of caution: put your sunglasses on before you visit this site ;-)

Hospitality Humour Page
For a peek at the lighter side of the hospitality industry.

NetFood Directory of Foodservice Businesses
Brought to you by electronic Gourmet Guide

The French Culinary Institute
A Lycos Top 5% site and deservedly so. Great design, a wealth of course information for prospective students. They even have a guide to life in the Big City.

Bon Appétit Management Company
We usually won't send you to corporate sites unless there is a good reason, or they are doing something unique. This is probably a case of both. If for no other reason you should visit their site for an outstanding example of what a quality web presentation looks like. We were very impressed with the design, navigation and content of their site. Very well done indeed!

What's one of the best ways to improve your bottom line? Better Customer Service. SurveyExpress will help you identify customer service problems (and successes) so you can address them before it's too late.

Ostriches On Line
"Anything and everything to do with Ostriches" This quote from their site says it all, so we'll say no more.

Getting Back to Basics
An interesting article about food trends over the last two decades.

High Tea
A short article on the history of high tea in England. A nice complement story to our current story on the Restaurant Report on tea.

Espresso, The Perfect Way to End a Meal
An extensive chat site for members of the foodservice industry. The "Great Hall" and "Wanabe" seem like the most active areas.

F&B Jobs
Wade Palmer & Associates is dedicated to the professional and ethical recruitment and placement of Foods & Beverage industry personnel on a nationwide basis.

American Connoisseur
A weekly online magazine dedicated to bringing you the best in connoisseur living. From gourmet features & recipes to dining & travel recommendations.

Great Eastern Mussel Farm
From everything to the catchy domain name to professional graphics to the loads of content, this site is done "right" I urge everyone on our list to take an indepth look at this site for ideas on how to build (or revise) your own Home Pages.

Food Lover's Glossary

Top 100 Independents from R&I

Gourmet Magazine Restaurant Survey
Reader survey of the best restaurants in 24 locations throughout the US and Canada.

Tips For Using a Knife

Can Service Be A Two-Way Street?
This article contemplates the issue of restaurant guests having an impact on the level of service they receive.

Hospitality Resources on the World Wide Web
A great listing of hospitality sites in a wide range of categories. Bookmark this one!

They have an extensive database of over 2630 Microbreweries, Brewpubs and Beer Bars from across the country. Visitors can read and add reviews of listings in the database.

Vintage Beers
We all know it's common to age wine (see next link) but what about beer? This article discusses the process and reviews some vintage beers.

Basic Wine Storage Conditions

Yahoo Daily Restaurant News

The Culinary Mafia
"It has taken more than a few chefs to cook up Boston's food revolution. Behind the scenes is a cozy, insular network of powerbrokers ranging from the suits who bankroll restaurants to the image makers who create the buzz."

Looking for links? Try...

Using Espresso Machines, Chefs Whip Up All Kinds of Foams and Sauces

Learn About Wine - Quick Wine Tasting Course
Series of articles offering a good starting point for newcomers to wine appreciation. Brought to you by Robin Garr's Wine Lovers' Page.

Guide to Hosting a Blind Tasting Party

Out of Towners (Boston)
10 suburban restaurants that are well worth the trip.

The History of Food Page at Chef Ron's Kitchen Works
30+ fun, informative food tidbits on a variety of topics.

Restaurant Exchange
Site for buyers and sellers of restaurant-related business opportunities.

Farmer's Market
Directory for quality food-related sites. Divided into 15+ categories. Some of the included sites are reviewed based on a "Peachy Rating System."

Fish FAQ
"A Bouillabaisse of Fascinating Facts About Fish" (120+ questions and answers - a very informative site.)

Interview Tips
Some general job interview advice.

Fans of single-malt Scotch are seeking that certain something

Where to Eat (London)
Searchable database of over 3,500 London restaurants.

Favorite Wine Links
From Robin Garr's Wine Lovers' Page

Hospitality Links
Divided into 20+ categories.

Wacky Hospitality Sites
Lots of bizarre and funny food sites linked

Food Cost Tips and Strategies
Real world feedback from hospitality professionals about how they operate their business to lower food costs.

Steven Shaw's New York Restaurant Reviews
Looking for some honest reviews on New York City's better restaurants? Well, here's 150+ of them. Steven Shaw is not a restaurant critic, nor does he claim to be, he's "just a regular guy who spends an alarmingly high percentage of his disposable income on dining out."

The Current State of Restaurant Reviews
Also from Steven Shaw. An interesting opinion/editorial addressing the current state of restaurant criticism in New York.

The Whiskey Pages
Some great articles. Nice design. Home Page for the "Malt Advocate."

Setting up a bar
A sample list of equipment, supplies, and advice on how to stock a bar

Good Vibrations
Tailoring sound systems to your operation.

Choosing the Best Fish


Tips for Storing and Preparing Fish

Exploring the Wine Joints of New York City
"What I found while traipsing the streets of Gotham were four places that stand out for the quality of wine and food, great value, cool atmosphere, and a well trained staff."

Planning your Brewery
A handy reference for restaurants - covering the basics involved in planning to add on-premise brewing to the operation.

Charting a New Course
"Chart House, an aging, ailing steakhouse chain, is relocating its headquarters to Chicago, hoping that an infusion of cash from financier Sam Zell and talent from consultant Rich Melman will put it solidly back on the map."

Rosie's Restaurant Review Archive
100+ New Jersey restaurant reviews. You can also link to a searchable database of over 2500 NJ restaurants.

The Gumbo Guys
A fun, interesting story.

The dark side of light beer
A seriously sarcastic article about the state of light beer. An enjoyable read.

The Waiter's Revenge
This is a fun site to visit. It's designed to give waitstaff a place to vent their work frustrations. Don't be surprised if you end up spending a bunch of time at this site reading the comments and stories from around the world.

Gourmet Guides
"Bargain cookbooks for professional chefs, serious cooks & collectors"

Tapping Into Star Power
A nice short article on the power of an effective employee recognition program.

Business Plans for Restaurants
The first link is to a sample outline for a business plan. And the second is to a demo put together to illustrate a completed document. For folks looking to start a restaurant or expand their current operations this is a very helpful and comprehensive resource.

Chef's Page
This link will give you access to a free chapter from the Chef's Page, an on-line resource self described as... "Important insights into day to day operations, that the restaurant management schools do not teach. Learn the insider tricks to operating a successful restaurant."

Sweet Conclusions
A delicious article on desserts.

DiRoNA Guide On-line
DiRoNA stands for Distinguished Restaurants of North America. The elite list of only 639 DiRoNA award winning restaurants is available on line...searchable via several different criteria. If you're looking for just the right restaurant to impress someone important, you can count on the DiRoNA list to deliver an excellent recommendation.

An outstanding article that really hits hard on our recent discussion about service in our restaurants. An absolute must read!

Hostesses: A Hidden Asset
A great article on the importance of the hostess position. Several practical tips for immediate implementation.

The Specialty Produce Network
A virtual encyclopedia of produce information. In-depth information on an exhaustive list of fruits, vegetable, herbs, and more.

Puerto Rico - Let's Dine
A very attractive, well done guide to Puerto Rico's restaurants.

Attitude is Everything
Two words..."read this"

What's for Lunch?
"High noon spells opportunity for operators. With one eye on the clock, a hungry populace looks for convenient spots to spend their lunch hour." Check out this article for some insightful tips on what those hungry folks are looking for.

The Men's Club
"Supremely self-assured, Grill 23 has succeeded by refining the key elements of the classic steak house."

Fare Shares
This article discusses the growing popularity of "sharables", appetizers and "small plates" that restaurant patrons share amongst themselves. A quote from the article, "you get a better feel for the chef that way and you get to experience a lot of flavors." The article also talks about the benefits from a business standpoint of catering to this new trend.

Fearlessly French
An enlightening interview with La Fourchette's chef-owner Pierre Chauvet.

Kansas City Cooking
Much like Steven Shaw's site that we've highlighted before for unbiased coverage of NY City's restaurants, Dan Cherrington has begun a similar project for Kansas City. The content on the site is great but the site suffers from the unfortunate design flaw of needing a huge monitor at a tiny resolution so as to not need to scroll right to read the page.

Complete Chocolate Website
For both the experienced and amateur chocolatier.

Chicago Wine Bars and Hangouts
Self described as "an opinionated guide to the wine hangouts of Chicago," this series of reviews provides an underground tour of Chicago's wine scene.

You Know Your Getting A Bad Tip When...
A dash of hospitality humor.

Web Cards
An outstanding promotional concept that makes a lot of sense for restaurants and hospitality companies. Make sure you request a "free sample packet". In addition to receiving the impressive samples, the folks at Web Cards present you with some great additional marketing tips.

Hospitality Link
This site focuses on employment & staffing for the Hospitality Industry, offering links to recruiters, employers, resume services, resume posting and other top hospitality sites.

CUSTOMER SERVICE 101 - Get Back to the Basics
A short but sweet article identifying four basic, yet critical elements of customer service.

Charlie Trotters Restaurant
A great example of what a restaurant can do with their Internet program.

Chef Talk
A relatively new site that's definitely worth a look.

Senior Management
"The number of Americans over the age of 65 is growing dramatically, as it will continue to do well into the new millennium. Find out how to tap this market segment."

Restaurant Insurance Articles
A collection of six helpful articles.

Cameron's Worldwide Hospitality Marketing Club

The Edible Web
Surfing in culinary cyberspace.

Rogov's Ramblings
The website of professional wine, restaurant and travel critic, Daniel Rogov, this site contains enough stories articles and reviews to keep you entertained for hours.

Looking back, looking ahead
Pioneer Bert Grant, who 15 years ago opened the first brewpub in the United States, offers opinions on how far craft beer has come and where it is headed.

Training materials for restaurant operators (improve service and increase sales) - including videos, books, newsletters and more

So, You Really Want a Web Site?
A series of articles designed to help you get connected to the Internet, show you how to use it and where to go for information to help you determine if a web site is right for you.'s Y2K Wrapup!
A collection of restaurant related Y2K articles from news sources around the web.

Questions for the New Millennium
The foodservice industry is entering the 21st century in a state of flux. Reflecting against the glow of a strong economy and projected growth in all segments is a slate of issues awaiting resolution...

Rustic tastes: Italian chefs feed a renewed hunger for hearty cuisine
A review of three new books.

Sally's Place - Food Page
A smorgasbord of excellent food-related content.
Collection of hospitality related web links.

Ask The Beer Dude
An informative collection of question and answer posts.

Hire Education
There’s no free lunch, even for interns. Real-life experience helps culinary students prepare for their careers in ways that no classroom can.

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