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Restaurant PR Workbook A Public Relations Workbook for Restaurant and Food Service Operators, Management and Staff

Table of Contents

I Introduction

The introduction explains why you need to begin doing your own restaurant public relations immediately. The competition for a single consumer's food dollars at every level is just too fierce to ignore restaurant pr and marketing any longer.

II What You Need to Get Started
    Market Position

This chapter talks about what you need to do before you even begin doing your own PR, from the in-depth examination and discussion of exactly what your restaurant is and hopes to be to its customers, to a thorough examination of your location, customers and competition. There's a list of items you need to own to do PR the right way, as well.

III Doing your Marketing Public Relations
    Understanding Media Exposure
    Generating Positive Media Coverage
        Your Press Kit
        The Cover Letter
        The Press Release
    What Else Affects Your Press Coverage
        Communicating your Opinion
        Restaurant Critics
        Restaurant Location
        Desk-side Briefings

Clearly, this chapter is the meat of the program, giving you literally all the instruction you will ever need concerning writing your own effective press materials, to making the pitch and following through. You'll develop your entire press kit after reading this chapter, and you'll begin doing your own PR with the confidence of an experienced expert in the field.

IV Communicating with the Media
    The Media List
    Relationship Building

This chapter discusses the importance of owning, developing and maintaining your list of media contacts, the members of the press who will give voice to your establishment on a regular basis. These are the most important relationships you have, next to customers and investors, of course, and this chapter will tell you how to cultivate and retain those relationships at a very high level.

V Beyond the Media: Marketing Your Restaurant
    Direct Mail
    Internet Marketing
    Trade Shows and Organizations

Today, successful Restaurant PR is so much more than media communications. It includes many of the tactics used in marketing that directly touch your consumer and help you maintain a high stature and solid reputation in industry. This chapter discusses those tactics, to make you a restaurant marketed of the highest level.

VI What else is Needed Besides Media Exposure
    Events: Customer Events, Media Events, and More
    Media Exposure Beyond Traditional Publicity
    Travel Related Events
    Magazine On-premise Events
    Cause Marketing

More than even the traditional marketing tactics discussed in the previous chapter, this one tells you how to create excitement about your restaurant, both on and off your own premises. This chapter helps you become a business builder, and relationship developer and a more successful restaurant operator.

VII How You Can Get the Most Out of Your Media Exposure
    What does it take to become a Food Media Resource
    Media Training
    Media Training, An Overview

Here you will learn the inside secrets to becoming invaluable to the media. This chapter tells you what to do to become a resource, and how to talk to media once you're in.

VIII What Else Is There?
    Cooking Classes, On- and Off-premise
    Cooking Demonstrations
    The Culinary Alma Mater
    Customer Surveys
    What To Do In a Crisis

There is so much more to doing restaurant marketing and pr than we've covered already. This chapter explores the very exciting ways you can promote your restaurant through your chef and kitchen team, and then helps you make the most of several key relationships. We will also look at something we at Restaurant PR hope you never need: what to do in a crisis, from the public relations perspective.

IX Writing Your Media Plan

There is so much to do now that you've completed the workbook, exercises and all. This chapter pulls it all together, guiding you along a recap of each chapter's directions, and helping you develop a media plan you'll use in the coming years.

X. Appendix I: How to Launch a New Restaurant

X1. Appendix II:

XII. Appendix III: Glossary of Public Relations and Marketing Terms

XII1. Appendix IV: Cooking Schools

XIV: Appendix V: Oceana Press Kit

The appendices provide valuable tools independent of the workbook itself. Here you will find an isolated discussion of each topic, including the PR steps to successfully launching a restaurant, a glossary of all the words and phrases you'll run across doing your own PR, a comprehensive international and domestic list of schools you'll want to know about for the benefit of your restaurant and staff, and finally, a completed press kit of a top New York City restaurant, to serve as an example you can follow.

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