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Restaurant Accounting made easy with this publication....  

Restaurant Operators Complete Guide to QuickBooks

A detailed step-by-step guide to the most popular small business accounting software program. Written exclusively for restaurant operators, in a jargon free and easy to understand style. The author, John Nessel, a twenty-five year veteran of the restaurant business and currently a restaurant consultant, is a Certified QuickBooks Advisor and has been using QuickBooks since 1994.
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Includes "ready to use" QuickBooks company files for both full service and quick service restaurant operations. Each file utilizes the Uniform System of Accounts for Restaurants format along with numerous customized features, entry screens, memorized transactions and reports, all designed to get you "up and running" quickly and accurately!

The guide also includes operating ratios from the 2001 Restaurant Industry Operations Report to help you analyze your Operation.

"The QuickBooks guide is awesome! I was familiar with a lot of the procedures but I can tell you that I will be using the Full Service Chart of Accounts and input procedures described. I knew I was doing things "wrong" but I just wasn't sure how to clear it all up and your guide has helped tremendously."

Josh Devane, Devane's Italian Restaurant, Indio, CA

"Restaurant Resource Group provided me with priceless information and guidance, enhancing my current QuickBooks/Excel system. Johnís approach to QuickBooks is streamlined and to the point, and his ability to write a software/accounting guide that is down-to-earth and informative is cleverly entertaining.  Yes, I said entertaining...It's obvious he has done his homework! Grazia! "

David Militello, Tello's Trattoria, South Haven, MI

"John Nessel's guide turns QuickBooks into an ideal restaurant accounting program. It's logically organized, easy to follow and covers almost any possible contingency. This book will save you time and will keep your accounting headaches to a minimum. This has been one of the better purchases I've made!"

John Agress, Tropical Treateries LLC, Estero, FL

The table of contents:

    A Note About Different Versions of QuickBooks
    Are You a New or Current User?
    The Enclosed Ready to Use QuickBooks Files
    How the Book is Organized


Chapter 1 -  A Restaurant Accounting Primer
    The Purpose of Accounting
    The Chart of Accounts
    The General Ledger
    Financial Reports
    The Balance Sheet
    The Profit & Loss Statement
    Accounts Payable (A/P)
    Accounts Receivable (A/R)
    Cash versus Accrual Accounting
    Double Entry Accounting
    Debits and Credits
    Sample Restaurant Transactions

Chapter 2  - A Tour of the Software
    Restore One of the Enclosed QuickBooks Files to Your Computer
    Quick Tour of the QuickBooks Desktop
    The Task Windows
    QuickBooks Lists
    QuickBooks Reports

Chapter 3  - Setting Up Your Company File
    Choosing Your Preferences
    Input Your Basic Company Information
    Your Chart of Accounts
    Your Item List
    Is the "Class" Feature Useful for Your Operation?
    Your Vendor List
    Your Customer List
    Other Names List
    A Note About the Employee List

Chapter 4  - Choose a Start Date
    New Restaurants
    Start at the Beginning of the Year
    Start at the Beginning of the Next Month
    Information You Need for Jan 1 Start Dates
    Additional Info Needed for Mid Year Start Dates

Chapter 5  - Entering Your Beginning Balances
    Entering the Balance Sheet Account Balances
    Enter Unpaid Bills as of the Start Date
    Enter Uncollected Invoices as of the Start Date
    Enter Every Transactions Since the Start Date
    Enter Year-to-Date Income and Expense Summary


Chapter 6  - Paying Your Bills
    The Enter Bills/Pay Bills Method (A/P)
    The Write Checks Method
    Organize Your Bill Filing System

Chapter 7  - Record Your Daily Sales & Deposits (includes)
    Restaurants are Different
    Record Sales Into QuickBooks from Your POS Reports
    What Information to Record
    Accounts Used to Record Sales & Deposits
    Record Your Sales Using the General Journal
    Sample Daily Sales and Deposits Entry
    Final Thoughts on Entering Your Sales and Deposits

Chapter 8  - Create an Invoice & Record a Customer Payment
    Create an Invoice
    Controlling the Sales Tax on Your Invoices
    Receive the Customer Payment

Chapter 9  - All About Payroll
    Outside Payroll Services
    How Payroll Services Handle Payroll Tax
    Use Your Checks or Theirs?
    Payroll Frequency
    How to Record Staff Wages
    Making the Payroll Entry into QuickBooks|
    Some Sample Memorized Payroll Entries
    Should You Use a Separate Payroll Account?


Chapter 10  - End of Month Inventory Adjustments
    The Importance of Taking Inventory
    Defining Food & Beverage Costs
    Segregating Food & Beverage Costs by Category
    How to Make the Inventory Adjustment in QuickBooks
    What if You Have Not Tracked Inventory in the Past?

Chapter 11  - Other Cash Accounts You Need
    The Petty Cash Account
    The Cash Drawer Account
    The Tip Float Account

Chapter 12  - Using Prepaid Accounts
    What is a Prepaid Account?
    A Detailed Example

Chapter 13  - Pay Your Meals Tax
    Make Your Sales Tax Preferences
    How Much Tax Do You Owe?
    Use the Customized Meals Tax Due Report

Chapter 14  - Reconcile Your Checking Account
    Clear Your Checks First
    Clear Your Other Payments Next
    Clear Your Bank Deposits & Credit Card Receipts
    Un-Matched Amounts
    Use the Find Feature
    Finish the Process
    If Your Beginning Balance Does Not Match the Statement
    What if You Can't Reconcile the Statement
    Your Last Resort

Chapter 15  - Misc. Tasks and Adjustments
    Deleting versus Voiding a Transaction
    Finding a Transaction
    Recording Depreciations of Fixed Assets
    Issuing 1099ís to Vendors
    How to Deal with Bounced Checks
    Tracking Your ATM and Debit Card Expenses
    How to Deal With Programs Like "iDine"
    Account for Employee Meals
    Trading Meals for Outside Services
    Credit Card Purchases
    Customer Credit Card Chargebacks
    Recording Your Loan Payments
    Recording Depreciation of Fixed Assets
    Use Memorized Transactions for Recurring Bills, Checks and GJ Entries
    Using the QuickBooks Budget Feature
    Delete vs. Voiding Transactions


Chapter 16  - Vendor and Accounts Payable Reports
    The Vendor Reports
    The Account Payable Reports

Chapter 17  - Basic Financial Reports
    The Balance Sheet Report
    The Profit and Loss (P & L) Statement
    Statement of Cash Flows

    File Back Up Procedures
    How to Perform the Back Up
    Restore Your Back Up File
    Condense Your QuickBooks File
    Verify and Rebuild a Company File


    A. Full Service Restaurant Chart of Accounts
    B. Quick Service Restaurant Chart of Accounts
    C. Advantage Payroll Service Report
    D. PAYCHEX Payroll Report
    E. Sample Quickbooks Financial Reports
    F. National Restaurant Association Operating Report Data

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