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Up-Selling vs. Overselling
By Maren L. Hickton

All restaurateurs want their wait staff to increase sales by higher guest check averages where the average check/per guest ends up higher if you use these suggestive selling techniques. The benefits to the operation are higher sales with the same number of covers and an increased bottom-line. The benefits to the servers are an often dramatic increase in tips, hence improved wait staff morale. The transaction after the guest reviews the menu and the initial order is taken goes something like this: "Today's soup is Italian Clam Soup -- 'Zuppa Di Vongole', but the Lobster Bisque is much better. The Watercress and Fresh Pear Salad is also very popular." The host is part of a party of four and two people order the more expensive soup, one orders the salad that is not the included house salad, and then the entrees arrive.

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