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We Can Change Attitudes
By Ian Maksik, "Professor of Service"

You can change attitude and you can get your staff to suggestive-sell & up-sell. But first you've got to train your "Plate Carriers" to become "Professional Servers".

There aren't many of us Trainers around. Especially those of us who feel that Service is an Art & Science and there's Only One Way To Serve, "The Right Way". The industry just doesn't seem to be able to support Professional Trainers. Most individual owners of food facilities have NO budget for training. Yes, many of the chain and franchise operations have Training Managers who either came off the floor or came up through the ranks and some may even have Corporate Directors of Training who graduated from hospitality schools and took the required HR courses, all of which really don't work in the real world, especially when 90% of the training comes from manuals, videos, DVD's or CD-Rom's. I travel this country and others with one goal in mind, Standardizing Service in the Americas.

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