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The Coffee Alphabet:

Coffee Cup A.

AMERICANO: A shot of espresso topped off with very hot water.
ARABICA: Variety of coffee bean, considered superior by some since it has a fruity and acidic taste, with low caffeine content.


BARISTA: An expert espresso bartender.
BISCOTTI: Hard twice baked cookie, perfect for dunking.
BLEND: The mixture of coffee beans used.
BRAZIL: Largest coffee growing country in the world.
BREVE: Substitute half-&-half for milk.
BURGESS: Major name in espresso cart industry.


CAPPUCCINO: A shot of espresso topped with foamed milk.
CREMA: The dense, velvety foam that tops a fresh drawn espresso.
COLOMBIA: One of the larger producers of coffee in South America (but certainly the experts in marketing).


DOUBLE: Any drink with two shots of espresso.


ESPRESSO: A rich, full bodied coffee brewed by passing very hot water (197 degrees F.) at high mechanical pressure (132 psi) through finely ground coffee. A shot is normally about one to one and a half fluid ounces. (5% of Americans polled described espresso as an overnight delivery service).


FAEMA: Italy's leading espresso/cappuccino equipment manufacturer.
FINLAND: Country with the highest per capita consumption of coffee in the world.
FOAMED MILK: Foamy, hot milk that tops a cappuccino.
FRESHNESS: Not usually found with loose beans, nor with beans sold in brown paper bags. Freshness can only be assured by buying in light-proof and air-tight bags that have been nitrogen flushed and vacuum packed.


GRANDE: A large size, usually 16 ounces or larger.
GRANITA: Semi-frozen drink with the consistency of fine granite particles (hence granita), usually fruit or coffee flavors.


HOT: How an espresso should be served.


ITALY: Where espresso and cappuccino were really invented.


KHALDI: The name of Yemenite goat-herder who found coffee.
KILO: How espresso beans are normally packed.


MOCHACCINO: A chocolate flavored cappuccino.


NATURAL: Name given to type of green bean processing that entails spreading the beans in thin layers to dry in the sun.


ORGANOLIPTIC: The taste characteristics found in coffee.
ORGEAT: An almond flavored syrup used in cappuccinos.
OXIDATION: Deterioration of flavor and aroma in coffee beans caused by prolonged exposure to light and oxygen (air).


POD: A pre-ground, pre-measured, pre-packaged dose of espresso coffee. Can be in different sizes to accommodate different brewing systems, and also available in different weights for singles and doubles.


ROBUSTA: A variety of coffee bean that is usually grown at lower levels. It has a robust flavor and is high in caffeine.


SCHOKINAG: Wonderful, sweet ground German chocolate.
SEATTLE: The city where espresso marketing was invented.
SINGLE: A drink made with one shot of espresso.
SLAMMED: A period when a barista has been very busy.
STEAMER: A latte without coffee, but with a Torani flavoring syrup.


TALL: 10 to 12 ounce size.
TORANI: The maker of Italian style flavoring syrups used in coffees, milk drinks, and cooking.


UNUSED GROUND COFFEE: Should always be stored in an air-tight container away from light and heat sources.


VENICE: First Italian city introduced to coffee (circa 1570).


WASHED: Method of preparing green coffee beans using fresh water.


ESPRESSO: Please note that there is no X in espresso. Espresso comes from the Italian "espressamente per lei" (the English translation, "expressly for you"). In other words, the beverage is made for you while you wait.


YEMEN: Country where coffee was first found.


ZZZZZZ: The sound of the reader falling asleep.

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