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Running Your Business:
Count Or Grind The Beans?
The Hearty Aroma Of Hospitality At Risk

By John Hendrie

Money managers are just like everyone else. They have children, play golf, and are said to have a wry sense of humor. We feel secure with them at our side; Laptop's whirling; printers spitting out spread sheets; budgets buffeting; numbers crunching; daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly reviews.

They even have their own language. We Restaurant types manage our employees; they oversee the Headcount. We prepared 100 delicious dinners; they count the covers. How many turns of that deuce? We served 45 delicious diners. Quantify that; what is the cost benefit; no, your Budget will not allow for that educational course. It kind of sucks the life out of the Experience, which we passionately frame and try our hardest to deliver. Isn't their role Advisory after all? Do they "meet, greet and seat?"

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