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Running Your Business:
Coaching Every Play
By Jeffrey Summers

OK new restaurant owner. You open your doors for the first time; you are staffed to the gills to ensure you have enough staff to take really good care of the large amount of business you expect during the opening weeks. Hosts are all over the door, greeting each guest with enthusiasm and smiles. Managers everywhere are talking to guests and supporting staff. There is one server for every 2-3 tables, and one busser and host per 5 servers. Hosts are making small talk at tables as they seat guests who are eager to hear about your menu and drink lists. The kitchen manager/chef is doing a great job. Food comes out of the kitchen in record time with great presentations, feeding the eyes of the guest as they are placed superbly before them on exquisitely set tables. Bartenders are showing off their drink prep skills with awesome flair, while telling jokes and the sound of laughter is heard in the dining room coming from the bar. Guests are happy and you are able to put out operational fires practically before they flame up. Business is awesome and guest comment cards tell you to keep up the great job! You must be a genius! "This is easier than I thought!" you tell yourself.

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